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Mark Smith

Clinical Instructor

Mark Llewellyn Smith is the owner and Clinical Director of Neurofeedback Services of New York. He is a licensed clinical social worker, whose early career was established in the world of work, providing clinical services to the nurses, doctors, and staff of NYU Medical Center and Downtown Hospital in New York City. Due to his proximity to the Twin Towers at Downtown Hospital, Mark spent many years following 9/11 working with first responders and their families. He developed psychophysiological interventions that included neurofeedback and biofeedback for those with PTSD and CPTSD. That experience put him on the path to developing a trauma focus in his practice. In private practice since 2000, Mark is a leading developer, teacher, and clinician of neurofeedback interventions for a variety of disorders. Infraslow Fluctuation (ISF) training, now a primary intervention in EEG biofeedback therapy, was developed by Mark from his experience training the “Ultradian” rhythms: the lowest energy the brain produces. This type of neurofeedback has had a profound, positive impact on the lives of his clients, as well as, the clients of the hundreds of therapists he has taught in the last decade. Mark was also an early adopter of sLORETA neurofeedback training. This experience, memorialized in publications, led to the development of a 19- channel ISF intervention and the research collaboration with Otago University and Dirk De Ridder, MD, PhD. He was among the first to use Z-score training in clinical practice. As an early adopter and developer of Z-score training, he worked closely with several manufacturers in the neurofeedback community to develop Z-score neurofeedback interventions for a host of clinical presentations. QEEG or brain mapping is an integral part of Mark’s approach to psychophysiology. He has taught QEEG in Europe, Asia, on the continent of Africa, and throughout the United States. He has been a mentor to scores of clinicians who seek Diplomate status in this analytic process.

Sharie Woelke

Clinical Instructor, Learning Designer

Sharie Woelke is an experienced occupational therapist, registered psychotherapist, clinician-educator, and learning designer. Sharie is the distance education coordinator and instructional designer with ISF Associates, an organization dedicated to providing quality education, tools and resources, and high-quality research in the field of neuroscience, QEEG, and neurofeedback. Sharie is the clinical director of Renew Neurotherapy, a therapy practice in Ontario, Canada, and has taught workshops and courses throughout Canada and the United States since 2015. The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists published her book, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Basis: A Guide to Providing Community-Based Intervention in 2023, and is a distributer for her course, Foundations in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. With a diverse background in therapeutic support spanning various mental health and neurological conditions, education and learning design, and board certification in neurofeedback therapy, Sharie has enjoyed a career of helping others. In recent years, Sharie has earned her MEd with a concentration in online and distance education and instructional design. She is board certified in neurofeedback therapy through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.

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